John W. Rosenthal Capital Management Inc. is managed and controlled by John W. Rosenthal, Sr. as Chief Investment Officer.  His background, experience and credentials are relevant and very important to the activities he performs for our clients. Our Firm provides investment advisory services to its clients. Specifically, our Firm serves as the exclusive investment advisor for 4 limited partnerships ("the Funds"). At the direction and control of our Firm, the Funds invest primarily in the common stock of community banks located throughout the U.S. as well as cash or cash equivalents.

Our Firm is regulated by the Secretary of State of Indiana - Securities Division. We file Form ADV Part 1 and 2 annually, and you may connect to the links to view our most recent filings. Prospective investors may contact us to receive more information. Of course, our past performance does not guarantee any future results.

Our "Investment Philosophy & Approach" is of utmost importance to understanding an investment opportunity with us.  In short, this process generally involves 5 pillars: 1) we conduct "quantitative" analysis on prospective investments using FDIC Call Report data as well as other publicly available information on the banking companies we are analyzing; 2) we perform our own "qualitative" due diligence, using written materials and personal meetings with management of the financial institutions we are studying, in an effort to understand the "culture" of the organizations. We are looking for a specific culture at the banks in which we invest that can best be described as a "balanced culture".  We believe our approach to this qualitative analysis is unique among investment managers and it is a critical component of our investment decision; 3) we undertake demographic analysis of the markets in which the banking companies we are examining operate; 4) we review current valuation metrics of all prospective investments - looking for the best values available; and 5) we assess management's openness to a possible change of control.

If you wish to learn more about our Firm and/or the Funds we manage, we invite you to contact us.